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New Game Plus Online Store

When you buy our merchandise you help us make our weekly TV show plus all the YouTube specials and Twitch streaming that goes along with that.

Airing weekly, check out NG+ on C31 Melbourne and Geelong Monday nights at 9:00pm, on Face Television (NZ) Tuesdays at 11:00pm, our website at or on YouTube.

Still broke shirt - black

300 Rupee. 5,000 Gil. 7,000 Septum. 800 Bottlecaps. 10,000 Bison Dollar. Still broke.

Waka waka shirt - black

Waka. Waka. Waka. Waka. Oh! A cherry! Waka. Waka. Waka.

8 bit team shirt - purple

Beard man. Boob man. News man. Bald man. Nihon man. Wow man. Rae man. Kart man. As a bonus the crew will personally sign this shirt for you!

Jason's Shower Water

Since Belle Delphine's bathwater was a massive success, New Game Plus is now offering bottles of Jason's Xbox Lynx Bodywash Shower Water.

Jason's Nether Regions Scented Candle

Finally your home or apartment can smell like Jason's Nether Regions with this beautiful and classy new candle. The Jason's Nether Regions Candle has accents of anger and madness, a...

Black Cap with logo

Protect your delicate head from the sun's damaging rays while showing the world you have excellent taste in videogame TV shows.
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